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Independent Representatives – The BEST way to the industrial market?

Being an independent manufacturers’ representative for almost 20 years, I often get involved in the rep/direct conversation. Sometimes these conversations get quite heated, and often end in a stalemate. So it is with much interest that I listen to the current debate going on within the electrical industry about this very issue. Did you know that according to recent Electrical Wholesaling magazine article an estimated 80% of electrical manufacturers use in whole or in part reps to sell their electrical products? This number astonishes me. 80% Wow!

Reps are a very viable solution, a fixed cost to their partners and a valuable resource to the local market. The BEST reps are solution providers, working hard to understand the customers needs and applying product correctly. The BEST reps are marketing gurus, applying todays technology to deliver information to their customers when they need it.

The BEST way to market, I sure think so!

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