Advanced Industrial Marketing Inc. (AIM) has represented manufacturers for nearly two decades. AIM specializes in representing high tech products and has been successful using a “hands-on” selling approach. Our team concentrates on understanding the customer’s applications, and delivering solutions to solve their individual needs.

This selling model is timeless, and the foundation of our company.

  • We understand the features and benefits of our products, and enjoy sharing these with our customers
  • We maintain the highest degree of integrity and trust with our customers and principles
  • We provide value to our customers by providing cost effective solutions with innovative products
  • We show respect for our customers’ time by providing the quickest responses possible
  • We know our customers and strive to bring them relevant products
  • We take full advantage of cutting-edge technology and automation in equipping our sales force, allowing us to effectively communicate the information that our customers require

We welcome you to our website and hope that we can deliver the information that you are looking for. As the most technical rep firm in Indiana, we look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Thanks for visiting!

Rob Hruskoci

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